Saturday, January 12, 2008

yesterday was one of those windows into the divine. i love it when i have days like that! we have been TENSE for about a month now, thinking certain doors were closed to our future. and out of the chaotic cosmos we found out yesterday that stephen is back on track for the M. Ed.---projected graduation date of spring 2009. apparently they can just make classes count for things that they are completely unrelated to and it all works! another cozy year in my beautiful cleveland apartment!
consequently we slept well last night (as well as you can waking up at least twice to screaming baby boys) and happily piddled today away. i cooked a pot of beans for the coming week ( i now just throw in a halved onion and a whole garlic pod skins and all to save time yet guarantee flavor), steamed carrots, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in a feeble attempt to fulfill hungry 14 month old bellies without sugar, wheat, meat or dairy. i finally relented to sage watching a madeline movie in the weak hours right before sundown. stephen helped john continue to restore the downstairs apt. now that dear, crazy debbie has moved out. i also went thrifting with my gram.

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Rachel said...

good, good. i'm so glad the situation is resolved and you guys have a plan. plans are good. in fact, i love plans, even if they change all the time.

i took the holiday photo of all you guys over to ilario's parents house today- they hadn't seen a picture of the boys yet. they said you are all beautiful- but of course, you already knew that.

lots of love.