Thursday, January 17, 2008

i was supposed to start the long-awaited yoga teacher training today...but, like everything in my raucously riotous life the training has been postponed due to low enrollment. the lead yogini is in India and communication with her is "spotty" (that's the word everyone is using), so it's all up in the air. hopefully it will be postponed only a couple of months. i love how i am trying desperately to plan life and am thwarted at every pass. maybe the lesson is to set goals but not time limits. ahh--revelation.

had a FABULOUS yoga class today. it was a twist class but also concentrated on puffing out the upper back thigh muscles in all the standing postures. sarvangasana made my biceps hurt...i must have been doing some good work. my teacher is incredible! she has really become my yoga mentor. yet another reason for being in cleveland.

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carly said...

yay for naked children