Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm clearly NOT watching Browns football ever, ever again in my life because they SUCK i might as well pay attention to my neglected blog. so here are some highlights of my life the past month:

+Sage goes to school all day now---it's bittersweet: my sweet, sweet growing girl.

+the buddies have each had a black-eye---rye's required a trip to the ER for some stitching

+i started grad school at Case Western Reserve University for a Masters of Public Health

+am basically taking two maths classes that have Calculus prereqs and the last challenging maths class i took was in 1995 (!!)

+i will make an A though

+i also started a MUCH long-awaited Iyengar yoga internship with my teacher

+i dropped my phone in the toilet, thus rendering the phone useless

+the steady realization that my kids are so adorable and perfect and brilliant that i must share them with everyone in the world

+the re-realization that my husband is a superb writer and brilliant logician

guthrie's black-eye
rye's stitches
sage azul.

guthrie (lft) rye (rt)

kissing pictures taken today on the porch: