Monday, January 14, 2008

It snowed this morning. What a lovely, lovely way to wake up. Snow is so quiet. I never realized how much I missed the snow living in the south for all those years. And every snowflake is different?! Is that true? How can one know that? If it is true is a testament to the ornately crystalline and utter breathless beauty of nature. The observation of the peacefulness of nature exists juxtaposed to my life as a mom. My kids are a also a testament to the exquisite beauty of nature---a heart muscle that pumps blood, brains that continue to strengthen and develop new neuro-pathways and stunning blue eyes; but my life as a mom is anything but peaceful for me. It is exhausting to be needed so much every waking moment of every day. It is exhausting to be responsible for healthy eating and healthy, creative play and protection from consumer culture. But it's such a short period of time---that's my mantra. And a place and time that could never exist again, one that must be absorbed in it's absolute fullness every moment that it happens.