Sunday, May 3, 2009

Make a juice mama!

the pulp--how gorgeous!
Guthrie and beet juice

In my vain and desperate attempt to get the buddies to eat vegetables everyday I have devised quite a delicious scheme. I juice copious amounts of seconds found in the ugly organic food bin at the food coop. At the most opportune moment of the day I haul out the machine and assemble the sacrificial fruits and veg. The buddies scream in delight about the loudness and power of the juicing machine and feel quite empowered by making the motor rev and whirl turning the switch off and on. The yell out ingredients as they go in...beets! carrots! apples! ginger! kale! spinach! Then we get the straws down, yet another fun element because i found this huge bag of decidedly unflimsy multi-colored straws, each buddy picks a color. They then proceed to slurp down the thick, mineral-rich juice. I hold one glass with two straws and they go at it straw in mouth forehead to forehead, as they do many activities---relishing in brother, mother, and potent beverage.

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Anonymous said...

yum! that sounds great!