Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sage at her first harp recital. Her school has partnered with Cleveland Institute of Music to provide free music lessons (any instrument) for the kids. Sage choose the harp because the teacher was wearing a pink sweater. She has been taking lessons all school year, once a week for thirty minutes. Intentionally un-intense and relaxed approach to music and lessons. So on Friday she got up and introduced herself and her piece and then played a beautiful, simple song on the harp. I am gushing with pride.


carly said...

she's so cool

Annie said...

what a complete bad-ass!!

piper will be on the piano soon, can we start a band?

Rachel said...

if only i could make important decisions in my life with such clear, simple logic...i think my sweaters would have to be green, though.
she looks lovely, anna, and i wish i could have heard her song!